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2nd Grade: Ocean City Primary School Visits the Apple Store
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Friday, October 13, 2017
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Mrs. Lively arranged for the 2nd grade from the Ocean City Primary School to visit the Apple Store for a writing lesson.  During the trip the students used “Sketch” to draw slides for their story.  Next they took the slides and transferred them to “Movie Maker.”  Using the “Movie Maker” app the students then added a title and sound effects to their slides.  Some students even added text slides between their pictures to develop their story.  The Apple Instructors went over story structure with the 2nd grade groups.  They talked about plot, rising action, climax, and conclusion.  They also discussed character traits for the characters that they developed using the “Sketch” program.  This lesson fit with the Narrative Writing: Units of Study which is the focus in 2nd Grade for the fall marking period.  Each student was given an Apple t-shirt, a wrist band with a copy of their writing creation, and a certificate of completion from the Apple Store.

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